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Avocado Wood Flute (Key of F#) – Easy To Play – Made 100% From Eco-Friendly Woods

Avocado Wood Flute (Key of F#) – Easy To Play – Made 100% From Eco-Friendly Woods

  • Made From 100% Eco-Friendly Woods
  • Easy to Play
  • Excellent Meditation Flute
  • Plays similar to a recorder
  • Comes with rustic wood stand, how-to-play booklet, and 100% cotton flute bag

This 6-hole Native American Style Flute, in the root key of F#m, is made from Avocado wood (body) and River Red Gum Eucalyptus (block). This is our “Pelican” model.

All of our flutes are made from premium quality eco-friendly woods. We also ensure that all of our oils and adhesives are non-toxic. Our ties are made from 100% cotton.

This makes an excellent meditation flute.

The Native American Style flute is very easy to play – and each comes with an instructional how-to-play booklet.

Our flutes are made with both the beginning and more advanced player in mind.

Comes with a rustic wood stand, and a 100% cotton corduroy flute bag, and a booklet on the how to play the flute.

Please note: Each flute and stand is unique and may vary slightly from what is shown in the photos.

Why Use Eco-Friendly Woods?

By using recycled/reclaimed wood, we can prevent the destruction of existing old-growth forests — both in America and
globally. Many exotic hardwoods commonly used in woodworking are harvested using non-sustainable methods. When trees are fallen in this way, it contributes to the destruction of the many other species connected with those trees.

Through the use of recycled/reclaimed wood, we protect trees, watershed health, habitat for wildlife, and under-story plants. As this eco-friendly wood is utilized in construction and woodworking projects, we can also prevent roads from being built in road-less areas, and on lands used by indigenous people.

List Price: $ 160.00

Price: $ 160.00

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