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Jimi & Isaac 4a: Solar Powered

Jimi & Isaac 4a: Solar Powered

Jimi and Isaac are rock stars. They’re also epic heroes, intellectuals, soccer players, loving sons, and students in awe of Lipstick, their science teacher. They tell fart jokes and they’d like to have a little lettuce on their sandwiches at lunch. They are wise and foolish, sublime and earthy. They are middle school boys. Isaac Farmer doesn’t mind if people think that he’s obnoxious. But when people fail to recognize his obvious intellectual superiority, Isaac gets offended. He’ll do almost anything to get the recognition he deserves as the “best scientist in the school” – except ask for help. ***** Book Report My best friend Isaac Farmer wrote a book about how he helped this guy named Weeds invent a whole new kind of solar electrical cell that actually really works pretty well. Isaac says that he wrote the book himself, but I think he had some help because the real Isaac is really obnoxious but the Isaac in this book is only sometimes obnoxious. Isaac figured the best way to win the science fair was to make the judges think he could save the planet, so he did this big display on “green” stuff. He put in everything he could think of (like solar power and wind power and stream power and outhouse power) and made it sound like it all worked and he understood everything. All he really did was copy stuff off the Internet. It fooled the judges and he won, but then Lipstick and the newspaper guy caught him and the principal got involved and then Mr. and Mrs. Farmer got involved and then Isaac had to actually build something that actually worked. This is a good book for kids because nobody does drugs or gets pregnant. Isaac talks about dog poop a little, but it’s part of the story and he doesn’t get too gross. I think he got some help on writing that part, too. – Jimi Peterson

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